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Field Days in Oregon with a World Cup Winner

Our annual Field Days event was held on June 17th at the DLF Research Station in Philomath, Oregon. This year's event was attended by distributors from all over the United States and international regions as well. All of the major turf and forage varieties were displayed throughout the grounds, and guided tours were held in the morning and afternoon led by Chief US Breeder/Agronomist, Steve Reid. This year one variety in particular generated a lot of interest and publicity. DLF's PhD perennial ryegrass is the grass seed that's being used on all of the World Cup 2014 stadiums in Brazil, and it was developed by Steve Reid. It is produced only in Oregon's Willamette Valley.

Be sure to check out some of the press including an article written in Sports & Field Management (May, 2014), the Albany Democrat Herald (June, 2014), live radio interview with Lars Larson, and video from local television news KGAL, who showed up at the Field Days event to interview Steve Reid and Rick Myers (Vice President of Professional Turf & Retail for DLF International Seeds) - and take a look at the world famous grass in it's native environment.

Chris and Rick Alexander with microclover lawn

Microclover Lawn Gets Great Reviews

Is it time to get rid of your lawn and try something different? It might be hard to imagine what you would have instead of a lawn but there are all sorts of creative alternatives. In West Vancouver, for instance, Chris and Rick Alexander have a lawn of white microclover. When they finished renovating their home on Fulton Avenue and putting in new drainage, their old lawn and garden was pretty much destroyed. Instead of re-turfing with grass, they decided to try sowing microclover – a newly developed form of clover that has softer stems and is shade tolerant as well as considerably drought resistant.

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