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Chris and Rick Alexander with microclover lawn

Microclover Lawn Gets Great Reviews

Is it time to get rid of your lawn and try something different? It might be hard to imagine what you would have instead of a lawn but there are all sorts of creative alternatives. In West Vancouver, for instance, Chris and Rick Alexander have a lawn of white microclover. When they finished renovating their home on Fulton Avenue and putting in new drainage, their old lawn and garden was pretty much destroyed. Instead of re-turfing with grass, they decided to try sowing microclover – a newly developed form of clover that has softer stems and is shade tolerant as well as considerably drought resistant.

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DLF Introduces 'Seeds for the Future' Technical Advice Bulletins

We are pleased to announce our new 'Seeds for the Future' technical advice bulletins for turf growers. Each bulletin is designed to provide technical information on a variety of topics including: Fewer Weeds in Your Turf, Lower Water Usage - More Drought Tolerant, Less Chemicals Needed, Better Shade Tolerant Grasses and more. Be sure to check out our first edition here: Establishing Kentucky Bluegrass into Perennial Ryegrass or Changing Genetics.


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