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New Endophyte-Enhanced Forage Tall Fescue from DLF


DLF International Seeds is pleased to announce the release of the novel endophyte-enhanced forage tall fescue Martin2 Protek (TM). Martin2 Protek combines the proven genetics of Martin 2 forage tall fescue with the enhancement of the Protek endophyte.

Martin 2 is an early-medium forage tall fescue selected for the transition zone. Its pedigree includes several USA varieties including Mozark, the original Martin, Cajun and three KY31 synthetics. Protek is a novel endophyte (Neotyphodium coenophialum) that does not produce detectable levels of harmful ergot alkaloids such as the toxin ergovaline.... read more here.

DLF Group is the Grass Seed Supplier for WORLD CUP 2014


The DLF Group has again been chosen as the grass seed supplier to the stadiums and training facilities that will host the most prestigious soccer tournament in the world, the Final Rounds of the World Cup in Brazil 2014. DLF's premium sports turf was recognized for its quality for the World Cup in South Africa in 2010, and the organizer's choice of grass seed supplier for the upcoming World Cup confirms their confidence in the grass solutions recommended for Brazil by DLF.  Read the press release here.







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