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If you are looking to add high quality forage to your current thinning pasture, or plant for the ultimate pasture, turn to DLF Fetuloliums and Grasshance for optimum performance! DLF festulolium varieties are also excellent for emergency feed options. If you had to buy more hay than normal this winter, or lacked ample feed last summer, consider overseeding with Festulolium. The DLF Festulolium Diamond (R) (below) makes it easy to decide which variety to choose.

 The Festulolium Diamond is a visual aid to help you understand the distribution of these varieties. It shows the relationship between the genetic makeup and the morphological expression of the various festulolium varieties. More blue means more ryegrass genetics, thus more ryegrass characteristics. Within the blue section there is transgression from Lolium multiflorum to Lolium hybridum to Lolium perenne. Less blue means more genetic background from either fescue parent and associated morphological expression.



Recently concluded trials at Pasture Genetics Pty Ltd and Seed Distributors’ Penfield Research Station in South Australia proved again the power of Festulolium: in a 16 week trial, steers grazing on plots Perun festulolium had an increase in total average weight gain of >25% compared to Italian ryegrasses in the trial.
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