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ALSIKE/Trifolium hybridum

Aliske clover

PersistenceYieldTolerance to acid soilsQuality

Intermediate spring growth
Good for short rotation mixtures
Thrives in humid conditions
Can be grown under varied soil fertility


Alsike clover can grow under less favorable conditions than required for red clover. Alsike survives well under wet conditions, but its drought resistance is lower than that of red clover due to the superficial root system. It is usually used for halage or silage.

In order to increase the palatability, Alsike fits best into mixtures with grasses. Alsike clover is less aggressive than red clover and should therefore be mixed with grasses that aren't too aggressive.

The main yield of Alsike clover is harvested in the first cut.

Alsike clover is also a good crop for green manure, under sown in cereals, greenchop, or for game pastures.